The Cinema of Muhammad Malas: Visions of a Syrian Auteur

“Much scholarship on Arab cinema has been confined to traditional film critical approaches that by and large ignore contemporary theory, which is longstanding within the discipline. … The Cinema of Muhammad Malas: Visions of a Syrian Auteur is a rare exception to this tendency, as it not only engages theory but rearticulates it to the history and knowledge of Arab culture. For this reason alone, this book deserves to be read and discussed as a model for future scholarship.” (Terri Ginsberg, Review of Middle East Studies, Vol. 54 (1), 2020)

Global Horror: Hybridity and Alterity in Transnational Horror Film

A new anthology textbook for global horror film classes (Cognella Academic Publishing, 2023). Composed of 14 chapters, each by a different author, this book offers scholars and students of horror film an opportunity to see the longer history of decolonial and indigenous contributions to the field.


“Found Footage as Counter Ethnography: Scenes from the Occupation of Gaza and the Films of Basma Alsharif” in Gaza on Screen, (Duke University Press, forthcoming 2023)

“Twilight Reflections in Single Frames and Short Sequences” in ReFocus: The Films of Jocelyne Saab

Amiralay and Sabbagh in the Post-cinematic Age” in Cinema of the Arab World: Contemporary Directions in Theory and Practice

Contributing Author to Historical Dictionary of Middle Eastern Cinema, 2nd Edition

Introduction to The Dream: A Diary of a Film by Mohamed Malas. American University in Cairo Press, 2016.

“A rare, intimate glimpse into the working methods of one of the most accomplished filmmakers from the Arab world.”―Nadia Yaqub, Review of Middle East Studies

Journal Articles

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Book and Film Reviews

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Book Series

Palgrave Studies in Arab Cinema (series editor)