Still from Far From You: Umm Kulthoum in film Salameh (1947)

I am an experimental documentary filmmaker and Assistant Professor of Film Theory at George Mason University. I have taught film studies and film/video production at a range of institutions of higher education in Singapore, Egypt, and the United States.

I am also co-creator and co-editor of the Palgrave Studies in Arab Cinema. My publications include co-authored book The Cinema of Muhammad Malas (Palgrave, 2018), contributions to the Historical Dictionary of Middle Eastern Cinema, 2nd Edition (Rowman & Littlefield, 2020), and chapters in Cinema of the Arab World: Contemporary Directions in Theory and Practice (Palgrave, 2020), Refocus: The Films of Jocelyne Saab (Edinburgh University Press, 2021), and an anthology “text book”, Global Horror: Hybridity and Alterity in Transnational Horror Film (Cognella Academic Publishing, 2022), which I co-edited.

In the following pages you can learn more about my work as a filmmaker, scholar, and curator focusing on regional cinemas and film genre studies. My films are embedded and linked to my Vimeo page and Youtube channel.