Hani Hourani: The Painter of Rust (work in progress)
Exhibition of paintings by Hani Hourani at Syra Gallery in Washington, DC
Hani Hourani at work in Amman, Jordan

Documentary about visual artist Hani Hourani and his artistic practice of transforming photography into paintings. As we visit with him and some of the locations he photographs for his paintings, we learn about his past political activism in Jordan and Syria.

Jordanian Artists in SD (work in progress)
Interview with theater director Majd AlQassas in Amman, Jordan

Documentary about Palestinian artists in Jordan whose works respond to the social and political issues of their time. The artists include experimental theatre director Majd Al-Qasas, painters Adnan Yehya and Rizk Abdel Hadi, and mixed media artist Abdel Hay Mussalem.


Global Horror: Hybridity and Alterity in Transnational Horror Film  

Edited and co-authored an anthology text book about global horror cinema (Cognella Academic Publishing, 2022). Composed of 14 chapters, each by a different author, this book offers scholars and students of horror film an opportunity to see the longer history of decolonial and indigenous contributions to the field.


Chapter: “Found Footage as Counter Ethnography in Scenes from the Occupation of Gaza and the Films of Basma Alsharif”, in Gaza on Screen, ed. by Nadia Yaqub (Duke University Press, forthcoming 2023)